Isn’t top from big bang charming?


                         Who thinks so?


Final of my love eun dong episode 16

I am at peace now with all the characters. I can truly say that this was realistic drama and the best so far. I was okay with the ending how about you guys?

Ps. I’m going to miss this drama a lot and cast.

My Love Eun Dong: How I feel about Choi Jae Ho character.( Spoiler after watching ep 15 without sub)

The people I don’t understand the most in the world are characters like Choi Jae Ho from My love Eun Dong. Its impossible for me to feel some type of way for him in this show. I think that’s so strange and a let down. I don’t know is it because I can’t forgive him for what he did to Eun Dong?  Or the fact that his attempt of harming himself and not giving himself a chance to understand his wife. I feel that there no way Eun Dong could go back to her husband knowing that he lied to her for ten years. There no way she could feel comfortable in that situation. I wouldn’t but it just Choi Jae Ho is making others feel guilty about their happiness.  From the outside looking in we see this  happy family one son, beautiful wife and a lucky husband that has Eun Dong but that wasn’t the case. Eun Dong  was only living in peace because everyone sat there and lied to her. I mean how could someone say “you were in love with your husband …..” in which she has no memory of being  with him. Now that right their is some scary sh….. people.

I mean  did Choi Jae Ho ever wonder dose she feel anything for me. Clearly it was no.  How are you able to lie to the women you say you love like that? Its a scary world we live in when he found out that she remembers everything.  I mean it didn’t click in his head that you stole someone life because you wanted them. His love for her made no sense because he didn’t let her see his tears. He did say ” Honey let me explain.” No he knew the game was over and he lost that right their settle his fate. In away I wished that Eun Dong would of said something to her husband before this ( a couple years ago) . Like it shouldn’t been her and him in a nice place to eat  and telling him I don’t remember who you are. ” My heart doesn’t beat for you or desire you at all.”  ” Is there something wrong with me honey.” she could of said that and he could of told her the truth. That she was in love with another man and that it was that man son. I’ll let you find him and you can settle your memory and decide if you want to come back to me. Something in the lines of that because he knew the name of the man she loved. I’m pretty shore he found out all about him years ago and thought he’ll never look for her.

I’m just disappointed with her husband because he gave her this fake life. She was a nice person who would of taken care of him if he was just her friend.  I wonder  does Choi Jae Ho regret the decision of making her his wife wasn’t that a little to much. He could of settle with  being her friend and her a single mom and trying to win her heart. Then maybe if she truly liked him because he tried then maybe I would feel something for Choi Jae Ho character. I just don’t because the world is going to see him as the victim again and his wife and Ji Eun Ho guilty.  I just hope that they give us an ending that isn’t said but with the hope.Hope that when you find the person you love and if they love you back then you’ll be with them.  Isn’t that what everyone wants to love someone with all your heart and they’ll love you back. Please Choi Jae Ho wake for feeling sorry for yourself or hoping Eun Dong will be yours. You already have her sons heart that will never look at his own father with that much love. Which is another reason I can’t understand why he did that to Ra ll.  Anyway I just want him to stop being selfish and let his wife be with  Ji Eun ho. So get those divorce papers sign and tell the world the truth at your interview. That’s the only way I could see you becoming a human being Choi Jae Ho.

P.s: It was hard finding picture of Choi Jae Ho really!

The best Kdrama so far …. My love Eun Dong!!!! Sorry spoiler talk

Amazing Acting and Just good writing.

How I feel about this show is one word LOVE. The show itself is very realistic and its actors are portraying the characters spot on.  There are so many amazing moments that are for us to see. Like the moment when Ji Eun Ho see Eun Dong for the first time and just break down in tears.


I mean that right there he needs an award because I felt his pain and joy at the same time. There another one that kind of grabs my heart and make me envy that kind of love. Its the one where his manger trick Eun ho in meeting the writer ( Eun Dong) in a restaurant. The moment he took a deep breath before going up to her I was with him. When they just started talking it was like seeing magic field their little bubble. I just couldn’t help but love watching him make her laugh. I also enjoy the fact that Eun Dong character is calm, easy going, respective of others and other amazing words.  There  just so many drama were the main girl leads are just to annoying or to much. But Eun Dong is lovable to the very end and that why Ji Eun ho loves her.

Just look at these to match made in heaven couple…. 

Okay before I go does anyone kind of mad about episode 14?I mean come on why did Choi Jae Ho choose that way to escape from his problem. I’m just mad about that  because he never thought that it wasn’t okay to steal Eun Dong life from her. I mean not once. He didn’t think about what she wanted or felt bad about betraying her. I really couldn’t feel sorry for Choi Jae Ho no matter how much Park Hyun Ah felt. I was never deceived  by his words because he did wrong to both his wife and “his son”.  Some might feel something for him but I was always on  Ji Eun Ho side always.

P.S : Isn’t Joo Jin -Mo just good to look at???