Father Is Strange Thoughts on Episodes 41&42

After all the children find out the truth I wish Min Young and Joon Hee opening be together. Since the both of them have been pushing and pulling their feeling for each other even thought its going to be hard. This week episode showed the possibility but it was wreck by the people in their lives who cause them pain. I didn’t have English sub for episode 42 but I was thinking what kind of director cause conflict with their lead actor. I mean blurting out his personal life to all to hear it didn’t make sense to me. The director practical help embrace their feelings in the previous episode the lip gloss kiss for one.  Any way I want Min Young to just move out and live alone because her parents cause too much problems for the man she likes to be able to function in this world. If this show doesn’t showcase how bad it is to lie than I don’t know what does.


P.s:  I think it would be a good time for her to grow as a person and not feel like the leftover if she moved out. I mean their just too many people in her house to feel like everything okay when the news break especial her feeling towards our victim.


I love Joon Hee script I mean the words he say are so true and emotional. Not many actors can act that well and I’ve watch a lot of dramas Lee Joon better get an award.


To be a better Man Chinese Drama


One word to describe this drama is Finally. For once this could happen in real life I mean from episode one to the last episode it was worth it. There was a truth about love, guilt, helping others and meeting new people. This has to be one of my must watch Tv series because it shows that humans aren’t perfect. That life is so hard and unpredictable but so sweet and loving at the same time.

I really didn’t want main lead guy to be with his ex again it just was never in my hopes.  I love that it gave me what I wanted and she did marry his best friend because they love each other. It did hurt to see that and understand that loving someone doesn’t always mean we have to forget them to move on. That we just have to let go of them in the way we hope we could be together. Its like I’ll always remember this warm love in my heart but we can live without each other. To me the main lead wasn’t a bad guy he just hated himself but don’t we all some times. It took him awhile to understand his past decisions and to forgive himself.  Which is one of the many reasons why I’ll encourage you to watch this drama. It wasn’t just about him it was the people he met on the way and the family he was given. It was a beautiful gifts to watch and of course he did find his love interest. Someone I was happy for him to be with. I hope you watch to find out who.


Can full of pens

By Wonders1

I like weird, odd and not wanted things

Like can full of pens

I made it myself

but there so many things I don’t like

For instance the secrets that never come from your lips

The hidden laughter that filled the room when she isn’t there

I don’t like

The villain that lives here

I wish I could tell the person I love that he doesn’t love you anymore

There was hate in his eyes when he was mad at you my love

I saw  someone that could never return to what he once was.

I like weird, odd  and not wanted things

like cans full of pens

but if he took a single  pen

I’ll through it all away even the can I made

I like weird, odd and not wanted things

Let’s talk : Screaming in hell

Screaming in hell refers to my life right now. It feels like I’m repeatedly looking at hell itself and screaming in the inside of my soul. Let me tell you why?


There is  a villain in my house that will always sadly be there. He sticks around like he dose nothing the fuck wrong people. It can drive any sane person crazy but the brain is a funny thing. The villain doesn’t believe he a damn villain. What kind of mess up world I live in. Its almost funny in away because the villain pretends to be a hero in other people eye instead of the family that he made. Wow. Saying this fell pretty good for someone like me.

The hell I’m screaming in will at least listens to me with its evil laughter because he’ll love my pain. This is much better then what I go through now. The villain he’ll never listen. Never! I don’t know how someone can be that selfish to the point of no return people but the villain is. I guess that what makes him a villain in my eye because even now he believe everything okay.  That nothing is his fault  but it is. Everything. I’m screaming in hell but I don’t believe I’m alone.


The question of the day is are you screaming in hell?

Hyukoh Music means to me





It takes me away and calms me down. Its hope that’s cover up in a sweet chocolate bar

waiting to be unwrap.  An I love chocolate so why not enjoy those that understand me

the most. Their music will never be what company music would want them to do.

That’s what makes them special. Their not using us but doing whatever the hell

they want. I love guys that can be bad ass and  goof balls so the band is a gift from the

heavens. Their music is different but the good kind of different because you’ll never get

bored of it. Trust me I even listen to their first album too many times and still want more.

Listening to Hyukoh means the sun is loving you and its time to let loose and enjoy.

Hyukoh is telling us all to get ready and enjoy this mess up world we live in with funny

tattoos and amazing music.

Glass doll

by wonders1

I feel like I’m being dragged on the dirty, cracked, and uneven floor by this love.

The way you pull my emotions  like this I must not be real.

I hear the joy come from your lips again.

Oh guys are happy aren’t you but why am I not.

I feel as thought your love is suffocating me someone times I can’t breath.

This love its dragging me like I am a glass doll.

I don’t know when or how long I can hold on to you both before I break.

I’ll shatter on this floor I’m always looking down on.

Maybe its pretty this way.

Me broken.

Sleeping with demons

By Wonders 1

Get the hell out of my bed demon

I could feel it move around in my head but it felt too real.

There it is lying on my bed of tears.

Every drop was of the demons I couldn’t take my breath to hate.

Yes. I said those words demon.

I hate both of you but still I hold onto you as thought I don’t

It makes no sense so get the hell out of my bed.

The demons of my tears growls at me forcing me to remember

Little one he says ” I want you to think of me and always think of this pain.”

I smiled my tears on my face I wipe them away.

Demon I say ” Give me the devil instead I feed him with my venom of kindness.”

To please us both since he wasn’t going to leave just yet. I got the hell out of my bed.

” See in dreams only or thought you wish.” He says.

I know just like he it was never a dream it was always real.

I smiled at that.

I am one step ahead then I was yesterday.